SDMS V HRPersonnel for Windows: Universities Edition

Your Requirements

SDMS V HRPersonnel for Windows: Universities Edition is more than a personnel system. It encompasses all the major functions of today's Personnel and Training Department; a mission critical system to ensure the best in Human Resource Management practice from Recruitment to Retirement. SDMS V HRPersonnel is a modular system and includes a fully integrated Training Administration and Recruitment Module. SDMS V HRPersonnel for Windows: Universities Edition is specifically tailored around the special requirements of todays Universities.

Employee and Staff Details

Detailed Employee records for all types of University Staff and Employees are easily maintained. While the minimum of data is required by the system, a wide range of personal information can be easily held including Staff Reference and National Insurance Number, Names, Known As, Addresses, Gender, Ethnicity, Date of Birth, Posts Held, Job Titles and Responsibilities, Dates of Appointment, Retirement Dates, Career Benchmarks, Promotions, Next of Kin and Doctors Details. Union Memberships, Special Requirements, Vehicles, Medical Conditions and UK Work Status can also be recorded. Staff may be assigned to Departments, Office Locations, Course Teams or Groups within the Organisation.

Establishment, Posts and Jobs

Establishment and posts management features of the software are able to accommodate the simplest to the most complex range of jobs and posts. Employees can share the same post or be assigned to several simultaneously. Pay Grade and Scale Points, together with funding and Cost Centres can be set against Posts, as well as Induction, Competency and Training requirements. Global changes can be made to posts and applied to Staff assigned to them. A wide range of statistics on FTEs and Post Occupancy can be produced for departmental reporting. Visiting Lecturers and other Part Time Staff can all be managed with the software. Employment Contracts can be entered and issued. Details of Classes Taught and other work undertaken by Part-Time Staff can be recorded, with Start/End Dates, Start and End Time, Number of Weeks, Budget to Support Salary Administration and Audit.

HESA Staffing Returns More on HESA Module

The HESA Staff Returns Module is fully integrated into the core HR System and where data has already been entered as a normal part of recruitment, appointment or updating personnel records, it automatically populates the HESA Record. HESA Data Audit and missing data views help users complete the return at minimum cost. It is updated in line with HESA Staff Returns requirements and is provided with an upload facility.

Employee Development and Training

The SDMS V HRPersonnel Training Administration Module supports Full Course Management and Administration with Course Scheduling, Course Advertising, Enrolments and Attendance. Full Training Histories are maintained for all Employees. A full profile of Competencies and Qualifications is held with QCF details. This data can be reported on to give comprehensive performance reports to assist organisations in evaluating the Staff Development provided to Employees, the Take-Up and Delegate Costs of such training. Full details of Trainers, whether in-house or external, as well as a database of Training Providers is maintained. Employee Appraisal and Performance Review, Training Needs, Qualifications, Skills and Competencies can be administered. The module allows the management of Course Waiting Lists.


SDMS V HRPersonnel also includes an extensive Employee Recruitment and Selection Module. From the identification of Recruitment Needs (based on employee retirement dates, temporary and fixed term post dates, planned maternity and other extended leave dates), Creating New Posts, Campaign Planning, Advertising, Initial Enquiry Management, Candidate Selection to Short Listing, Interviewing and Assessment, Taking up References and Pre-employment Checks, as well as Final Appointment.

Time and Attendance

Attendance can be logged, analysed and reported on. Date, Time and Duration, together with Reasons and Whether Paid or Not can be held for each absence and matched against the standard work pattern for the Employee. Absence can be logged on a Daily or Weekly Basis and the Software ensures that you comply with the EU Working Time Directive. Statutory and Non-statutory Sick Pay can be calculated and passed for payment. Maternity Leave and Pay are also fully managed together with the ability to apply Non-statutory Leave provisions. Holidays can be planned within the Software. A Payroll Integration Module is available.

Salaries, Earnings and Pay

Pay features are extensive within the Software. Annual (monthly) and Weekly Pay Details with Hourly Rates or Pay Scales with Spinal Columns, Minimum and Maximum, Bars and Discretionary Points are held. Many automatic pay calculation features support the preparation of Gross Pay, Taking Holidays, Attendance, Pension Contributions and Hours Worked into account. A Payroll Integration Module is available.

Save Time and Cost

SDMS V HRPersonnel for Windows enables the day-to-day tasks of Personnel Administration to be carried out simply and effectively with the minimum amount of effort and staff time. Wise Owls, Quick Administrators, Checklists, Business Rules with Auto Data Entry and at-a-glance screens, are just some of the many ease of use and Speed Entry Features of SDMS HRPersonnel. And of course, SDMS Software is integrated with Microsoft Word™, Excel™, MapPoint™ and QuickAddress Rapid™.

Powerful Reporting

The software comes with easy to use and flexible Standard Reports. The comprehensive range of reports provided gives detailed analysis of: Posts and Occupancy, Employee Costs and Funding, Jobs and Contracts, Vacant Posts, Recruitment, Equal Opportunities and many more. Each standard report may be customised with easy to use report customisation screens. SDMS V HRPersonnel for Windows is also supplied with an optional Report Writer for further reporting choice.

Organisational Charting OrgPlus Professional

SDMS V Charting: OrgPlus™ Professional is a fully integrated Optional Module for use with SDMS V HRPersonnel for Windows. It offers to users of SDMS V Personnel OrgPlus™ Professional - the Industry-Standard Software for creating Organisational charts. This optional module is supplied with a set of ready to run charts which include: Line Manager Organisational Chart, Departmental Organisational Chart, Organisational Chart for People, Departments and Managers and Post Hierarchy Organisational Chart with Establishment Data View.

Line Manager Access Line Manager Access

Line Manager Access allows key aspects of Personnel Administration and Management to be devolved to Line Managers, Departmental Heads or Team Leaders by giving Managers access to specific parts of HRPersonnel. Whether it be as simple as updating Change of Address, Logging Lateness, Return to Work Interviews, Appraisal, the use of this module has potentially immediate benefits and cost savings. Line Managers and Team Leaders can be given access to see or amend information about the Staff they manage or particular parts of this information and not others with appropriate access and security.

SDMS V Report Writer: Crystal Reports™ Crystal Reports™

The extensive standard report included with HRPersonnel is extended with SDMS V Report Writer: Crystal Reports™ for additional ad hoc report writing on data held in SDMS. With Crystal Reports™ users can Access the Data, Design, Write and Distribute their own reports, in their style when they want in a format they need. Users of this module can produce a range of ad-hoc, impressively designed reports including: Conditional and Sub Reports, Columnar, Form Style, Multiple Section and Drill Down features. Simple Lists, Letters, Pre-printed Forms or Labels can also be produced.

WorkGroup Editions for Universities

The Workgroup Edition is specifically offered for smaller enterprises where the number of concurrent users is not expected to exceed five. It can be installed without the use of a dedicated server. It is offered for a range of Employee Numbers from less than 50 to 500 in 100 Employee Bands of Employees. Where there is a need for more than 5 concurrent users we recommend the Full Client Server product.